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About Nu Fortune

Nu Fortune was incorporated in February 2016.  Upon incorporation, Nu Fortune acquired the following:

  • Menzies Battery Site
  • Approximately 40,000 tonne of tailings for processing (average grade of 1.5g/tonne)
  • All necessary licences to operate a processing plant facility including the CSIRO R&D technology
  • A number of tenements over two regions including the much valued M30/71 containing the Called Back pit

Since incorporation Nu Fortune has:

  • Conducted a drilling exploration program that revealed approximately 26,000 oz gold in the Mulwarrie region
  • Acquired and refurbished a gravity circuit plant, as well other equipment
  • Designed and commissioned the CSIRO R&D plant, including vats and laboratory
  • Enable the proof of concept for world leading CSIRO technology
  • Acquired new tenements
  • Trained own staff in the new CSIRO process

Our Vision

To become a major player in the gold processing industry in Australia through a growing number of processing operations and to become the sole licensee in Australia of the world class Clean Mining reagent.